Mud Pie - Long Black & White Wooden Outdoor Candles


  • Product Description

      Add a touch of elegance to any space with our Long Wood White Wood Candle. The hand-painted paulownia wood candle features six wooden wicks and a citronella scented wax. The wooden wicks create the comforting sound of a crackling fire. Candles have memories and will only burn as far out from the wick as they were burned the first time lit; allow your candle to burn all the way to the edge of the container the first time you light it to ensure you get the most use out of your candle.

       Material: PAULOWNIA WOOD

      • Black Candle measures 5 1/2" x 14"
      • White Candle measures 5 1/2" x 20"
      • Trim the wick each time you light your candle to 1cm or 1/4in
      • Average burn time: black candle - 9 hours, white candle - 10 hours


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