One Hundred 80 Degrees - Giant Flocked Black Spider, 39"


  • Product Description

      What crawls about in the dark, dropping from webs that they weave to lure unsuspecting insects?  SPIDERS!!!!  Whether you are afraid of spiders or not you will see the beauty of this extra large Black Flocked Spider, a spine-chilling creation by the masterful artisans at Glitterville. This extra-large arachnid exudes an air of eerie elegance, making it a must-have addition to your Halloween decor. Its inky black hue adds an element of mystery and darkness, perfectly capturing the spirit of All Hallows Eve.

      Whether suspended from above to give the illusion of crawling down from the shadows or displayed on the ground to send shivers down the spines of unsuspecting guests, this spider is guaranteed to make a chilling statement at your Halloween party. With its eight velvety legs and beady black eyes, it's the embodiment of spooky perfection.

      Crafted from lightweight PVC, this Black Flocked Spider can easily be positioned to create a truly terrifying atmosphere. Its black flocking adds a touch of texture and depth, making it a bewitching centerpiece that commands attention.

      Measures 39" x 29" x 7"

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